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My love of hospitality started when I was 12 years old working as a hostess in my family's restaurant.  What is a 12 year old doing working as a hostess you may ask?  She was chatting away!  I have always been a people-person so working in a restaurant as a hostess was an ideal job.  

Flash-forward a few years later, I was in college studying... you guessed it... hospitality management!  Upon graduating, I was offered a position with Marriott International at a property in New York City.  I packed up my bags and set sail into my, what I thought at the time, long-term career.  Unfortunately, Covid-19 took that away from me 2 years after starting with Marriott.  However, I had too much energy to sit around and wait to see what the future had in store for me.  So I took lemons and made lemonade... literally!


Wanting to pursue a new career path still using my hospitality skills was going to be something difficult given the uncertain times, but not impossible.  During the early months of the pandemic I would constantly go on walks with my childhood best friends, Lisa and Alyssa.  However, our walks always ended in my backyard with me as the mixologist using my flavored simple syrups.  Lisa and Alyssa were not the biggest cocktail drinkers, but that changed once I showed them how easy it was to make a drink using the syrups.  Then the idea came to mind, hospitality in the comfort of our homes.  One of the best ways that people enjoy the company of themselves or with others is with food and beverage.  Why not give it a fun spin as to how they do it?  Simply Bella's does just that, but takes it a step further.  Majority of syrups are made with locally grown fruits and vegetables.  


Support a business that supports the community.


Bella, The Syrup Queen 

This is just the very beginning for Bella.  Stay tuned to new happenings with Bella and her venture, Simply Bella's Simple Syrup through social media!

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