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Sonic Projects OP-X PRO II V1.0 CRACKED [ZWEEDY]




1-10-2004, 10:57 AM #2 This thread serves as a discussion thread for the A.D.D. magazine, a zine put together by Ian "Zweedy" Thompson. Please feel free to contribute. [edited]I am currently working on a zine dedicated to new sonic genres and subgenres. I want it to be a place where all the people who have been longing to see someone explain these things can go and learn and share ideas. I can't wait to see what you all have to say.So far, this thread has become a sort of home for discussing all these sonic projects: hardware and software. So if there's a specific project or genre that you want to talk about, please post it here. If you want to talk about the whole thread, feel free.Here's an introduction for those who are new to this thread.I am mostly interested in effects, sonic manipulation, sampling, and music that is aggressive and extreme. If you post something that is none of the above, I will probably not read it. Sorry.My own productions have been described as "broken music". I guess I think of all the traditional music (i.e. the type that isn't too broken) as nothing more than noise. My own stuff will often be really harsh and almost unlistenable at first, so I try to avoid that kind of music. I think it should be something you get used to, in the same way that you got used to your eardrums being destroyed.I like ambient noise and digital noises, because they're always interesting. I like broken rhythm/noise, because it's a form of noise that is slightly broken. I like "grindcore", because that's something I'm most passionate about. (Though I'm not saying it's not a genre. If it's a genre, so what? There's nothing wrong with having genres. So is rock, pop, and jazz). I like "old school noise" (post-post punk, post-rock, post-rockcore, etc), because I think it's a good transition between older genres and noise. I like "dub", because that's a break from regular rock and roll. I like "industrial", because that is a break from regular rock and roll. I like "krautrock", because that is a break from rock and roll. I like "goth", because that's a break from rock and roll




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Sonic Projects OP-X PRO II V1.0 CRACKED [ZWEEDY]

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